NMG Media Publisher

Abe Nejad, Publisher, NMG Media

Abe is a journalist and panel moderator for the Network Media Group, which he founded in 2017.  Abe covers the Telecommunications and Technology industry and for the last 10+ years has developed and conducted over 2,000 executive panels and interviews specific to ICT news and industry insights.  Abe feels that ICT media coverage is moving beyond the talking heads of technology and more towards the applications of innovative technology and their impact on the communications ecosystem.  NMG Media is focused on driving Executive Thought Leadership while covering the Telecommunications and Wireless Markets.  

Before founding NMG Media, Abe worked in major media markets in various roles focused on journalism and media.  Abe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications and is currently enrolled at the acclaimed Newhouse School of Communications pursuing his Masters in Digital Journalism.  Abe lives in the Washington DC metro area.

Recent Media Content: SOLiD & NMG Media- Barcelona, 2019

About NMG Media

NMG Media's web platforms are designed in part to profile and highlight the real-world innovations by operators and enterprise companies that impact the service provider’s ability to reduce costs, stay competitive and provide seamless connectivity for deployed applications involving technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and machine learning.

NMG provides a platform and speaking engagement opportunity that offers business value. We identify decision makers that can impact your business initiatives and cultivate a dialogue that allows you to engage with high level executives.

Our Mission

Communications operators are gaining momentum in developing new services, beyond connectivity.  The supplier sector for the communications technology industry needs to keep pace with the evolution of data transport and how network virtualization will manage the data deluge.

NMG Media helps keep the carrier and supplier communities connected through a dynamic media platform that supports thought leadership, industry news and executive level B2B marketing vehicles and channels.


“Working with Abe and the NMG Media team has always been a pleasure. Abe has a great understanding of the industry and stays up to speed on the latest and most impactful technology trends. This reflects very clearly in the NMG talks and discussions on a broad set of meaningful tech topics. He has assembled a team of great professionals and that makes the time spent with them very productive and they invariably produce quality and insightful content.”

Amit Tiwari

Affirmed Networks

VP- Strategic Alliances & Systems

"I really enjoyed working with you all and thought the conversation went extremely well - which is not always the case with these panels.  Excellent facilities and professional staff also made the entire experience so much easier to deal with."

Chris Nicoll
Principal Analyst, Mobility and Wireless Networks
ACG Research

"Thanks Abe,

It has been a great experience sharing thoughts with Rajesh, Kevin and Chris, and a fantastic job from you and NMG.”

Telefonica, Juan Carlos Garcia, SVP Technology and Architecture

“It was a pleasure being on this panel with Juan Carlos, Kevin and Chris. It resulted in some good offline conversations with Telefonica and Dell EMC as well, and I look forward to a continued collaboration."
Intel- Rajesh Gadiyar- CTO, Network Platforms Group

"Thanks Abe. Appreciate all the great work as always."

Affirmed Networks- Amit Tiwari, VP, Strategic Alliances & Systems Engineering

"Abe Nejad,


I want to thank you again for the great event in Barcelona – very well planned and you make the process seamless and very enjoyable."

Dell EMC- Liam Quinn, SVP, & Sr. Fellow