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“Pick 3” - Customize your Daily News: The NMG Media Pro Newsletter will give you a tailored and timely news feed that includes the latest articles, interviews and social media posts for your specific verticals. NMG Media’s “pick 3” feature allows subscribers to receive news for up to three industry verticals per day, right to your inbox, through our customized newsletters.

Executive Interview (Video)

Pro subscribers will be interviewed by NMG Media’s publisher and professional team with a combined 40 years of on camera and live broadcast experience. Your executive interview will be spotlighted on our homepage and newsletters pushed to our NMG audience of high level decision makers. All executive interviews will be featured in The Network Media Group's directory.

Live Podcast

The Network Media Group will invite one guest per day on a live Podcast to be posted on the NMG Media website and placed on the daily edition newsletter. Pro subscribers will have credit for one guest appearance on a daily podcast on a topic of your choice, to be moderated by NMG Media. Podcast guests will have access to all registration and contact information.

Industry Engagement

Pro subscribers will have access to the NMG Media blog community where industry luminaries will post their thoughts and subscribers may respond or post their own blog, tweet or message. This is a great way to engage with high level industry players.


Industry leaders in verticals like Smart Cities, Health IT, Industrial IoT and many more. Just go to our homepage for all of our market coverage.

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