Network Security in an IoT World - Allot, Sprint, Cisco

Allot, Sprint, neXt Curve, Cisco

Network security and the integrity of your network in both hardware and software is achieved by targeting a variety of threats from entering or spreading on the network.  So, in the age of IoT and billions of devices, what are the network security measures that combine multiple layers of defense at the edge and in the network? On this NMG panel to discuss the best approaches to network security in IoT are Erez Antebi, CEO of Allot Communications, Ivo Rook, SVP, IoT at Sprint, Akshay Sharma, Principal Analyst, VP at neXt Curve and Ron Malenfant, Mobility, Security and IoT Architect, at Cisco.


·      Erez Antebi, CEO of Allot Communications

·      Ivo Rook, SVP, IoT, Sprint

·      Akshay Sharma, Principal Analyst, VP, neXt Curve

·      Ron Malenfant, Mobility, Security and IoT Architect, Cisco

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