Building the 5G Network with Cloud Native Applications

As the carrier is seeing cloud-native applications consume fewer resources compared with virtual machine-based software, more vendors are adopting cloud native applications.  Customers in the carrier space are welcoming more cloudified apps as the cloudification of existing legacy apps is becoming unsustainable for carriers.  Here to talk about the cloud native space and cloud-native based offerings are Arpit Joshipura: GM Networking & Orchestration + Edge/IOT, Linux Foundation, Dan Kohn Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Martin Taylor, CTO, Metaswitch and Andrew Coward, CEO, Lumina Networks.


Arpit Joshipura, GM Networking & Orchestration + Edge/IOT, Linux Foundation

Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Martin Taylor, CTO, Metaswitch

Andrew Coward, CEO, Lumina Networks