NMG Edge Editorial Content, For 2019

Live Edge Deployments: Operators & App Developers

What does an edge deployments workflow look like and why are operators and application developers now chomping at the bit to get involved in what used to be a process limited for web-scale and public cloud providers? 

Vendors are launching containers in metropolitan cities that support apps that very efficiently service end users and customers.  This rising edge solution provider is identifying the pain points for service providers and app developers when it comes to deployment edge workflows and real-world edge deployments, that now rival public cloud deployments.  Join leaders in Edge who are providing dynamic solutions for operators and app developers, to improve latency and better a user experience for users.

The Private Edge: Usage Models that Are Defining the Edge

The edge is not defining usage models or products rather, usage models are defining the edge.  The Private Edge is an ingest point for compute and storage and can facilitate the necessary synergies between the IT and data center infrastructure players, in the edge space.  Usage models like autonomous vehicles need to aggregate data, offload, store and manage that data at quick pace.  Private Edge solutions provide the capability to collect these vast amounts of data more efficiently and securely.  On this NMG panel from Los Angeles, thought leaders in the edge space will illustrate what Usage Models are Defining the Edge.

Securing the Edge: State of Play for SD-WAN Security

The days of SD-WAN controlling WAN paths only, has passed.  A new sheriff is in town and taking control of SD-WAN initiatives for both cloud vendors and service providers.  In comes what some project to be a market opportunity of $17 billion by 2025: vendors spinning up SD-WAN with security functionalities, or service providers service chaining security and SD-WAN together.  So, what does the horizon look like for network security vendors and providers as nearly all of them are creating some form of SD-WAN functionality? Watch this executive panel powered by NMG, as vendors and service providers lead the way on SD-WAN security.

The Telco Edge- Create, Build and Deploy Applications

By converging wireless, wireline and infrastructure, the telco edge can layer services on top of infrastructure and service their enterprise customers with greater efficiency.  But as edge commonly lives in a number of small data centers, how do you automate the work flow and help developers innovate, without them worrying about the operators back end?  By bringing the cloud closer to the device, the telco edge can offer new monetization opportunities, new revolutionary apps and a new immersive experience for users.

Edge- It’s About Real Estate and Application Exposure

Edge providers want to extend their geographic reach and increase their application exposure in order to reach the next iteration of edge.  What may have stood in the way in the past was operators’ reticence to work with web-scale and public cloud partners.  By leveraging web-scale partners, edge providers can better determine where edge lies.  So, if the goal is to help customers improve their business outcomes using edge, telcos will want to grab as much edge market share as they can and will need to work in partnership with the public cloud providers, rather than be weary of them.  

Data Privacy and Edge

As information moves closer to the edge for personal data storage and performance, a rising discussion is quickly growing for increased privacy and security for users.  For vendors, compute at the edge offers decreased development costs and time to market as devices will be easier to program at the edge, than in a central mainframe.  But arguably, an equally beneficial tenet is that edge offloads security to various devices, rather than to a centralized server.  Bypassing cloud infrastructure will add additional security for the user and thus burgeoning technologies like AI will soon take hold, allowing users to leverage edge technologies that are closer to home and without the high risk of data loss or breach.

Abe Nejad