Operations Automation for CSPs - Metaswitch, Telstra, Swisscom and Telefonica

Operations Automation for CSPs

One of the most important factors in operational automation is whether Virtual Network Functions are inherently designed for the cloud, with all operational processes and tasks executed automatically with, in theory, 100% automation. On this NMG hosted panel from The Hague are leaders in NFV that understand the architecture of a VNF and how it should interact with the cloud environment to simplify the automation of lifecycle management. On this panel are Paul Brittain, VP Product Strategy at Metaswitch, Jon Vestal, Head of Product Architecture at Telstra, Javier Ramon Salguero Head of Network Virtualization at Telefonica and Swisscom's Head of Standardization, Marcus Brunner.

Paul Brittain, VP Product Strategy, Metaswitch

Jon Vestal, Head of Product Architecture, Telstra

Javier Ramon Salguero, Head of Network Virtualization, Telefonica

Marcus Brunner, Head of Standardization, Swisscom