The Promise of NFV: Disaggregation is Critical for Telcos

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Building operational models and processes to leverage NFV technology is the primary challenge for service providers. The benefits are clear, lower Capex through virtual software capabilities on X86 servers and lower Opex through automation and more services. So, why haven’t we seen NFV supporting large operational functions? The first challenge: retraining the workforce to accept NFV as a nascent technology, that operators and vendors need focus on in order to achieve an agile and scalable network environment. The second challenge: as telcos are migrating towards open source capabilities, the need to disaggregate these solutions in a multi-vendor environment is key. Providing open and disaggregated systems and solutions for SP’s and for their customers is critical. Listen to this NMG hosted panel with leaders in the NFV value chain who see the end game for NFV existing in workforce training and multi-vendor options, for Telcos.

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