The Middleprise: The Evolution of Indoor Wireless Coverage

Building owners and wireless service providers are coming to terms with a new approach towards providing cellular coverage and capacity for their customers and tenants. The evolution of in-building wireless technology and a revolutionary approach to Middleprise business models is helping overcome technical and financial challenges between building owners and wireless service providers. On this executive panel are leaders in the in-building wireless sector including Ken Sandfeld, President, Americas, with SOLiD, Piyush Raj, Director of Technology Innovation at American Tower, Kishore Raja, VP, Engineering R&D at Boingo Wireless,  Joel Lindholm, Vice President, LTE Business at Ruckus, thats an Arris Company and Liam Quinn, Sr Vice President, Sr Fellow at Dell EMC.

Ken Sandfeld, President, Americas, SOLiD

 Piyush Raj, Director of Technology Innovation, American Tower

Kishore Raja, VP, Engineering R&D, Boingo Wireless

 Joel Lindholm, Vice President, LTE Business at Ruckus , An Arris Company

Liam Quinn, Sr Vice President, Sr Fellow, Dell EMC